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1. freewing00
2. webneat
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4. secretj
5. ddambro
6. ken
7. adeleinr
8. acampbel
9. shmoopy
10. Phiomega

The Picbreeder Team

Concept: Jimmy Secretan

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Kenneth Stanley

Development Team

Jimmy Secretan (Lead and Server Development)

Nick Beato (Client,Color)

Adam Campbell (Client)

David D'Ambrosio (Server Development)

Adelein Rodriguez (Server Development)

Jeremiah T. Folsom-Kovarik (Analyze Image DNA Applet)

Research Contributors

Nazar Khan (Color)

Peter Matthews (Color)

Jan Prokaj (Color)

Picbreeder Contacts

For help please email help@picbreeder.org

To report bugs please email bugs@picbreeder.org

To discuss Picbreeder with other users, please visit our forum.

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Picbreeder: Collaborative Interactive Art Evolution (Genetic Art)
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(c) 2007 University of Central Florida
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